Life Journey Groups

Life Journey Groups - Preschool & Children

Life Journey Groups (Sunday School classes) are provided at 9:15am for Babies-Kindergarten. These children remain in the same classroom for Extended Teaching while their parents attend the 10:45am worship service. Elementary children in grades 1-5 who attend a 9:15am Life Journey Group attend the 10:45am worship service with their parents.

Children in grades 1-5 who attend the 9:15am worship service with parents have their Life Journey Group at 10:45am. Check at the Children's Welcome Desk for directions.

All Preschool and Elementary Children should be registered at the Children’s Welcome Desk in the Children’s area.We have multiple classes for each age. The desk personnel will provide direction to the correct class as well as safety and security procedures.

At Lawndale Baptist Church, "Preschool" designates classes for babies through kindergarten. "Children" designates elementary children in grades 1-5.