Life Journey Groups

* Literature Legend: BSFL = Bible Studies For Life, ETB = Explore The Bible, GP = Gospel Project, MW = MasterWork
Category Name Ages Time Room Leaders Literature
CollegeCollege & Career18-229:15 AMFHClemens', Hampson's, Hicks', Smith'sGP
Students6th Grade Boys129:15 AMChapelAdam Smith, Baron Edwards
Students6th Grade Girls129:15 AMChapelAngela Jackson, Carla Harper
Students7th Grade Boys139:15 AMChapelJimmy Jackson, Ted VanHoy
Students7th Grade Girls139:15 AMChapelMelissa Baughman, Stephanie Nichols
Students8th Grade Girls149:15 AMChapelKristi VanHoy, Lindsey Swan
Students8th Grade Boys149:15 AMChapelEdwin De La Cruz, Les Nichols
Married AdultsWalking Together30-499:15 AMC-2Chip & Amy StyersETB
Married AdultsFirm Foundation20-399:15 AMB-2Angel and Sharon Guerrero
Married AdultsBridge Builders40-599:15 AMA-4David & Marcy Williams
SinglesOne Accord55+10:45 AMA-2Nelda LockamyETB
SinglesTruth & Light32-599:15 AMA-1Harrell & PokSun KingETB
Married AdultsLove in Action30-499:15 AM366Jason & Stephanie Seagraves
Students9th Grade Boys & Girls15-169:15 AM364Dominic McKinley, Kelly McKinley, Annaliese Lawrence
Students8th-12th Grade-Boys and Girls14-1810:45 AM364Richard Parker, Rob Kimble
Students11th & 12th Grade Boys17-189:15 AM363Joey Myers, Brian North, Joe Evans
Students11th & 12th Grade Girls17-189:15 AM363Diane Myers, Suzie North, Courtney Evans
Married AdultsMixed Blessings50-6910:45 AM363Doug & Karen SheltonETB
Students10th Grade Boys & Girls15-169:15 AM362Doug Sullivan, Kristi Sullivan, Matt Sides, Patience Quinn
Married AdultsChristian Partners70+10:45 AM362Jim & Clara ProffittETB
SinglesJoy Explosion 160+9:15 AM361Charles & Taine NolanETB
WomenJoyLadies 70+10:45 AM361Charlotte CoxETB
Married AdultsFamilies for Christ30-599:15 AM322Tim and Melanie MyersGP
SinglesOASIS - Meets Sunday Evenings21-316:00 PM320Jeremy & Misty HoodGP
Married AdultsTweeners40-599:15 AM320Neal & Jo AndrewsETB
Married AdultsFinding Common Ground30-499:15 AM318Matt & Melissa GardnerGP
Married AdultsKingdom First50-699:15 AM315Boyd & Susan ChumbleyETB
Married AdultsLove and Respect20-299:15 AM314Keith and Anna FeatherBSL
Men2 > 1All Men9:15 AM312Phil BaynesETB
SinglesRock of Ages55+10:45 AM312Mike & Karen EnnisETB
Married AdultsCouples For Christ40-599:15 AM310Lee & Lynn GuthrieBSL
Married AdultsFaith & Family20-5910:45 AM310Jeff and Natalie HydeETB
AllInternational Bible StudyAll Ages9:15 AM309Tom & Carla Pless
Married AdultsFaithful Journey70+10:45 AM266Joel and Debbie DunlapETB
SinglesJoy Explosion 255+10:45 AM264Shelba ForrestETB
Married AdultsPartners in Christ70+10:45 AM263Wayne & Fran BrownETB
Married AdultsHidden Keys50-699:15 AM263Knight & Kim GardnerETB
WomenLACE; Ladies After Christ's ExampleAll Ladies9:15 AM262Carol McKinneyMW
WomenFaith & HopeLadies 70+10:45 AM262Carolyn Allen & Frances CavinessETB
Married AdultsDisciples Of Christ40-599:15 AM261Dennis & Jane MooreETB
Married AdultsBridgersMen 70+10:45 AM261Quincy CoxETB
Married AdultsNew Beginnings60-799:15 AM234Terry and Bonnie JordanETB
Married AdultsHearts Holding Hands60-7910:00 AM234Beverly Moody & Susan PearmanETB
Married AdultsHearts & Hands60-7910:45 AM232Tony & Betty McGradyETB
Married AdultsBridging The Gap40-599:15 AM232Phil and Louise GrahamMW
Married AdultsKindred Spirits60-799:15 AM217Jerry and Martha WilkieETB
Married AdultsBereans70+10:45 AM217Harry & Martha ThetfordETB
WomenHelen's AngelsLadies 70+10:45 AM216Martha Barker & Nancy ParrottLVEN
AllLogosAll8:00 AM215Mary Ann GoslenETB
WomenKingdom Seekers60-7910:45 AM215Donna BucklandETB
WomenWomen of the WordAll Ladies9:15 AM215Jan DyerMW