Married Adults

Assoc. Pastor of Married Adults:
Rodney Navey

Marriage Retreats

Upcoming Marriage Retreats

Learning How to Talk to Each Other
Rodney and Donna Navey will be teaching couples how to communicate to best demonstrate the relationship between Christ and the Church. The retreat will take place April 22-23, 2016 at Lawndale Baptist Church. Contact Megan Smith ( to register. 

Marriage Shouldn't Be Boring
Since the relationship between Christ and the Church isn't boring, marriage definitely shouldn't be any less. This retreat should be a lot of fun and send you home with some ideas to revitalize your relationship, Oct 7-8, 2016. Details and location to be announced. Rodney and Donna will facilitate the fun.

If you have any questions about these retreats or would like to register, please email Rodney at