Married Adults

Assoc. Pastor of Married Adults:

Parenting Enrichment Overviews

Training for Parents
Throughout the year, parents are encouraged to take advantage of training events that are related to your child's age.

Parent/Child Dedication
Typically each April and October we hold a special service for parents to make commitments to train their children to be Christ-followers. Before the service we meet with parents to talk about what that looks like biblically and practically.

Parents of 1st Graders
In September of each year, 1st graders are presented Bibles in the worship service. Before the service (during 9:15am LJG), we meet with parents to give tips and provide resources to help their children learn how to read their Bibles.

Parents of 5th Graders
Each spring Lawndale extends a class for parents of 5th graders on how to take your child on a passage trip. Before entering middle school, it's important for parents to communicate expectations on values, dating/courting, media usage, attitudes, busyness, etc.

Parents of Middle School and High School
The Student Ministry leads Boot Camp and Consumed Summer Camp on an annual basis. In order to partner with parernts, we give them the opportunity to overview the material that will be covered and provide resources for parents to follow up with when their children return.