Student Ministries Associate
Brandon Walls


There are many opportunities for parents to serve in Student Ministry.

Please contact Debbie Turcola or call 288-3824 to volunteer in any of the following ways:

Volunteer Opportunities

Ongoing Yearly Teams:

  • Hospitality (baking, decorating, serving food for misc. events)
  • Recreation (heading up games, sports, activities, etc. for misc. events)
  • Parent Prayer (Wednesday evenings during FUSION)
  • 411 Leaders (gift of teaching to facilitate discussion groups) Commitment Sunday pm's & 2 hrs/week prep-time

Yearly Events with Volunteer Opportunites:

Boot Camp Weekend: March 20-22, 2015- Location CLC and Host Homes

  • Host Home Provider
  • Registration Table (Sunday mornings prior to Boot Camp)
  • Drivers for the weekend (available to drive students to and from church Fri. evening- Sun. am)
  • Dividing up T-shirts into host homes (Thur. during the day at the church)
  • Set-up decorations (Thur. evening)
  • Dividing up food for host home's (Thur. during the day at the church)
  • Monitor Host Home Food Pickup (Thur. evening at the church)
  • Registration/Check-In (Fri. evening at the church)
  • Saturday Night Meal (serving food to all students, prep and/or clean-up)
  • Clean up (Sun. afternoon)

Consumed Camp at Myrtle Beach Christian Retreat Center: June 29-July 3, 2015

  • Church Bus Driver
  • Chaperones
  • Sunday Morning Registration Table
  • Monday Morning Check-in

Go:GSO - Mission Week: August 3-7, 2015 - Location Various Area Schools and Host Homes

  • Host Home Provider
  • Extra Driver for the Week
  • Dividing Up Host Home Food and T-shirts/Monitor Food Pickup

Other Volunteer Opportunities in our Area:

  • Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, 274-4901,
  • Urban Ministries, 271-5959 or 553-2642 (volunteer services)
  • Salvation Army, 273-5572
  • Baptist Children's Home,
  • Habitat for Humanity, 275-4663
  • Serving Our Schools, 288-3824