Assoc. Pastor of Student Ministries:
Adam Smith

Student Life Journey Groups (Sundays 9:15 a.m.)

This is our Sunday morning Bible Study. Students meet together in large department groups and then split up by grade and gender for small group discussions. 

6th Grade Boys: Chapel
Teachers: Chris Swan, Adam Smith & Baron Edwards

6th Grade Girls:  Chapel
Teachers:  Trian Swan, Angela Jackson & Carla Harper

7th Grade Boys:  Chapel
Teachers: Ted Vanhoy & Jimmy Jackson
7th Grade Girls:  Chapel
Teachers: Melissa Baughman, Stephanie Nichols & Lindsey Swan

8th Grade Boys:  Chapel
Teacher: Edwin De La Cruz & Les Nichols

8th Grade Girls:  Chapel
Teachers:  Kristi VanHoy & Alice Hicks

9th & 10th Grade Boys & Girls:  Room 364
Teachers:  Gary Davis, Jeff Hargett, Kimberly Davis, Kathy Hargett

11th & 12th Grade Boys & Girls:  Room 366
Teachers: Joey Myers, Brian North, Diane Myers, Suzie North
   Directors:  Lee & Karla Moore