Study & Development


Equipping people with tools and resources for living daily for Christ and for making their faith relevant in the world is the purpose of LifePlus. Topics of study include: theology, parenting, marriage, gender-focused studies, apologetics, finance, wellness, and many more. Course selections vary per season as do course lengths. LifePlus is offered each Spring and Fall and meets in assigned rooms generally from 5:00pm-6:00pm before the Sunday evening service.

If you would like to sign up for one of our LifePlus classes, please contact Megan Smith with the name of the class you are interested in.  You may also sign up at the table in the Worship Center lobby.

Spring 2015 Schedule of Adult Classes
Sundays at 5pm beginning January 11th

LifePlus 1            
Large group meeting in the CLC to equip families to use the “Family Toolbox 2015.”
Jan 11    Daily Bible Reading/Prayer with Spouse
Jan 18    Family Devotions/Family Night
Jan 25    Focused Parent-Child Time/Date Nights
Feb 8     Family Service Projects/Seek & Hide Game

LifePlus 2            
Small group studies TBA (starts March 1)