Coordinator: P.J. Giaritelli

Children of Hope
Meets the
4th Tuesday of every month (October-May) 7:00pm in Room 320. Contact Misty Hood 404-3077.
This group is designed to serve and support local, national and international missions. The focus will be children and orphan care.

Women on Missions & Prayer Groups
Director: Donna Navey
Interested in joining one of our Women On Mission (WOM) multi-focus groups? They are Small Groups focused on missionary support and bridgebuilding in Jesus name locally and throughout the world! You have a choice of mornings or evenings, meetings at church or at homes!

2014-2015 Women on Mission Groups (scroll down)

Prayer Group
Every Monday at 9:30am in Room 217
Polly Dodson 375-5395
This group meets faithfully to pray for the needs of our church and our missionaries.

Megan Bowles Multi-Focus Group
1st Tuesday Each Month (October-May) 7:00pm in Room 262
Susan Chumbley 643-9179 and Elisa Thames 656-7984
This group seeks to be missions-minded through prayer, giving, and serving. They recently returned from a mission trip to Guatemala.

Evelyn Frost Multi-Focus Group
1st Tuesday Each Month (Sept. - May) 10:00am in Room 234
Fran Brown 292-8508
This groups learns about missions and prays for the missionaries serving through out the world. They also participate in a local missions project each month.

Jeans Phillips Multi-Focus Group
2nd Tuesday Each Month (Sept. - May) 10:00am in Room 232
Shelba Forrest 338-0903
This group learns from a missions speaker each month and supports various local ministries. It focuses on encouraging and supporting our missionaries.

Alita Blackmon Multi-Focus Group
2nd Tuesday Each Month (Sept. - May) 7:00pm
Kaye Tesh 288-7883
This is a group that actively supports missions and reaching the community by serving others. It is focused on being proactive in meeting needs.

Adults on Mission (Men and Women)
Bill Bailey (282-3270)and Tony McGrady(282-8142)
This group travels where needed on short term mission trips.

WOM Director Donna Navey