Christianity was never meant to be demonstrated solely within the walls of the church building, but daily lived out in each believer's context and surroundings (Matt. 5:16). Christ instructed us to devote ourselves to prayer (Col. 4:2, Thess. 5:17) and to extend compassion and help to those in need (James 1:27, Matt. 14:16; 25:35-40), so we serve through Lawndale's many ministries as well as in partnership with various external organizations.

Lilies of the Field
Shepherd's Shelf
Tutoring Ministry
Serve Our Schools

Referral-based clothing closet for families in need within and outside of the LBC community.

Once-per-week food pantry to help support families in need throughout the community.

Weekly, academic tutoring of 1st-5th grade students during each GCS semester.

Partnership with local Guilford County schools to provide beautification, repairs, teacher support, student care, and much more.

English as a Second Language
Desert River Ministries
Law Enforcement Outreach
Prayer Ministry

Sunday morning and evening Bible classes for non-native English speakers.

Guiding women out of post-abortive hurt and shame to healing and freedom in Christ.

Ongoing support of Greensboro's men and women in law enforcement. 

Weekly, annual, and other scheduled prayer meetings, groups, and events.


Guilford County Schools

The Pregnancy Network

Greensboro Police Department

City of Greensboro

Baptist Children's Homes

Greensboro Urban Ministry

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