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If this is your first time giving or you need to set up your recurring payment follow the below instructions:​

  1. Log in to your Church Center account through your mobile app or website at Enter your primary email or phone number and you will receive a one-time verification code.  

  2. Click on the “Give” tab.  

  3. Enter the amount you would like to donate and click “Next.”   

  4. Through dropdown options, you may then pick the fund (defaulted to Tithe), the frequency of payment, and method of payment. (If you want to connect your bank account, we recommend clicking the “Enter bank details manually instead”).  

  5. Once everything is filled out, click the “Give Now” button, and you will receive a confirmation email.  

Need to stop your old recurring payment? Follow the below link and instructions:

  1. Go to “Sign In” and enter your email and password (if you did not have a password, select the option to be sent a one-time code).  

  2. Click the “Scheduled” tab and under your recurring payment. There is a trashcan icon to stop the recurring payment. (It will ask to confirm to cancel the recurring payment.)  

  3. We recommend exporting any payment history from the account so you have it for your records. 

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