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Lawndale is a church serious about knowing God, walking with Him, enjoying Him, and sharing Him with others. Since God has made Himself known through the Scriptures, we look to the Bible in order to grow in our faith and as our final authority. And since it’s God’s plan for one generation to pass the truth of His Word to the next, we equip the church with all generations in mind.

A Biblical & Intergenerational Church

Lawndale's Five Core Values

Biblical Worship

Hymns and spiritual songs are intentionally sung that are rich and accurate theologically. Sermons are preached that are verse by verse through a text in the Bible and most often as part of a series through a book in the Bible. Our services are an offering to God to bring glory to Him and to equip His people for ministry at home and in the world.

Intergenerational Ministry

The church must be united. We strive to care for the whole flock and mutually serve each other. The glory of God in a united church is more important than styles and preferences, and we firmly believe and practice the importance of intergenerational worship and ministry. Our services, groups, and training events seek to bring the generations together.

Discipleship Culture

Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples. We’re not sure a group should be called a church if it’s not following the command of the Head of the church, Jesus. Discipleship is helping others learn and grow in following Christ. We do this from the pulpit, in small groups, in families, and one-on-one. We make disciples who make disciples and particularly focus on the older discipling the younger.

Family Equipping

Husbands, wives, parents, and grandparents have been given huge assignments from God in their families. As a church that equips the saints for the work of the ministry, we equip members of the family for some of the most important ministry they will do; of course, we are speaking of ministry in the home.

Leadership Development

We are intentional in praying for and looking for those God may raise up to be leaders and teachers in the church. We also don’t want to miss those God may be calling to vocational ministry. It’s our goal to train, encourage, and send leaders all over the world, and when we do, we want to celebrate what God has done and is doing through them.

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