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Senior Couple

God has loved and utilized senior adults for His glory since the days of Abraham. And so it is today, as people 70+ are among the most vital and active members of thousands of churches across America, including Lawndale. 

Check out the various ministries to and through senior adults listed below. Then find a place to plug in! 

Pastoral Care - The most important aspect of Senior Adult Ministry involves pastoral care for seniors (and their families), experiencing various issues, related to health and wellness in body, mind and spirit. Our senior adult pastor responds prayerfully to those individuals and their families through hospital visits, calls and personal counseling, as needed.

SAM (Senior Adult Ministry) Team

A dedicated team of church members who assist in the planning and implementation of the various Senior Adult Ministries, here at LBC.

Seniors Laughing
Life Journey
with Jon

Weekly video Bible lessons. These videos are posted here, on the website, for seniors who are unable to attend Life Journey Groups (Sunday School) in person. To receive an email each week with a direct link to these lessons, please contact the church office and ask to be included in the Life Journey with Jon email list.

The Voices of Experience

A choir of senior adult singers formed by Reverend Marion Boling more than twenty years ago and still going strong. Singing God's praises through a variety of music. This group is a model of Christian musicship and fellowship. Come join in!

Sheet Music
Serving Our Seniors (SOS)

SOS Long Term Care is a ministry to our homebound members unable to attend church. SOS team members share God's love with these VIP's in various ways, ranging from prayer, visitation, cards, letters and seasonal care packages. SOS Short Term Care is a ministry to people who need encouragement, while they are going through a difficult period. Maybe God is calling you to be an SOS team member.

Prime Time Council

A ministry of monthly Senior Adult luncheons and seasonal day trips. The luncheons include good food and a program of special interest for senior adults. Day trips in the past have included Autumn apple picking, Christmastime fruit cake hunting, Springtime journeys all over.

Care for the Giver (CFTG)

A support group for people caring for family and friends. CFTG meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm in room 262 on the main level of the church. If you, or someone you know, would benefit from a time of confidential sharing, prayer and mutual support, please contact the church or click the button to email Connie Blackburn.  

Last Touch Ministries

A ministry to help people prepare for life after life. The end of life this side of heaven, involves many physical, emotional, spiritual and financial issues. Being prepared is the key! So Last Touch helps people think about these things and how to seek competent counsel in advance.

Grands Raising Grands

A support group for grandparents raising their grandchildren. This ministry had just begun when COVID hit, but is now in the process of regrouping. If you or someone you know, would benefit from this ministry, please contact the church.

Annual Widows Banquet

A ministry of the Deacons of the church, for women and men whose spouses have gone home to the Lord.

Friends On A Walk
Proud Grandparents
Senior Businesswoman

A weekly email from Dr. Boling to the Senior Adults of LBC. Call the church (336-288-3824) to sign up for this.


Calendars, brochures, postcards, etc. with dates/times/details of senior stuff.


The monthly newsletter of LBC.

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