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Lawndale can help you with your next steps in your call to ministry.

Ministry Grid

Through Lifeway's Ministry Grid, we can provide you with specialized training sequences to help you grow and improve in the places you are serving right now. We have plans to help you develop in preschool ministry, children's ministry, student ministry, leading a small group Bible study, evangelism, missions, deacon ministry, and more.

Leadership Pipeline

Through Lifeway's Leadership Pipeline, we have a plan to help you grow as a leader - no matter what level of leadership you currently have. Leadership Pipeline focuses on six core development competencies: discipleship, vision, strategy, collaboration, people development, and stewardship. Each competency contains specific learning objectives appropriate to four common leadership levels found within a church.

One or Two Years

Lawndale has a limited number of 10-hour per week internships in a variety of ministry areas: students, college, community development, young adults, and more. Each position works directly under the supervision of an associate pastor. We want to provide field ministry experience as you develop and explore your calling to vocational ministry. Internships start at various points throughout the year.


The student ministry offers 10-week summer internships averaging 15-hours per week. You will have the opportunity for hands on ministry through one-on-one mentoring of students, leading small group Bible studies, planning and executing a middle school VBS week, and attending summer camp and/or a mission trip. Priority goes to individuals with a call to ministry but internships often open up for college students who just want to invest their summer in ministry.


You can receive up to 36 credit hours at the college or seminary level through Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary while also gaining hands-on experience and mentoring with the Lawndale's pastoral team. Contact us for specific class information and then register as normal through SEBTS.

On a rotating basis, we are willing to offer the following 9 classes:

Mentored Internship

Pastoral Ministry and Leadership

Christian Leadership

Personal Discipleship and Disciple-Making

Evangelism: Nature and Practice

Christian Missions: Principles and Practice

Bible Exposition I: Hermeneutics and Preparation

Bible Exposition II: Communication and Delivery

Administration and Education in the Local Church

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