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Everything is His

I feel a bit strange thinking . . . “this is ‘my’ office . . . these are ‘my’ responsibilities . . . this is ‘my’ new church, etc.” I was honored in March to begin serving as Senior Pastor at Lawndale. You have been incredible as a congregation welcoming me and Donna back. Your “welcome home” has resonated with our hearts and blessed us immensely.

Pray for me that I will serve the Lord and His church at Lawndale for His glory. The strangeness of ‘my’ (fill in the blank) should stay strange. Everything is His. I desire to steward what He has entrusted to me as one who will one day give an account and as one who will one day pass it along to the next guy.

I look forward to worshipping and serving the Lord with you in April. We missed Easter last year . . . not this year! Lord willing, we will move from 3 services to 2 at 9am and 10:30am on Easter, April 4. Then on April 18, we start our first series, “Revive the Church,” a verse by verse study through the book of 1 Timothy. There will be a few planned surprises along the way, and I can’t wait to see what unplanned surprises God has for Lawndale in this season!


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