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Weekly Family Meetings at Lawndale

We are commanded to gather and worship God with brothers and sisters who follow Christ. We worship God every day as His children, but how else would we encourage one another (Heb 10:24-25) and be equipped for making disciples (Eph 4:11-12) but to gather as His family regularly? Each week we need this family meeting.

I think you would be hard pressed to find very many churches that intentionally gather as a people from all age groups, intergenerationally, to pray, to sing to God, study His Word, fellowship together, and treat each other like family. I’m loving that we get to do so at Lawndale. It doesn’t just happen. We naturally tend to divide across all kinds of differences, including age. We supernaturally, by the grace of God, meet together, genuinely care for each other, and learn how to appreciate the differences.

“Whoever loves his brother abides in the light, and in Him there is no cause for stumbling” 1 Jn 2:10. God graciously gives us the opportunity to grow in assurance of salvation by how we love each other. As we love, we stand stronger, and we stand even stronger together.

I’m grateful for the people who help us love others and love God when we gather. Eddie Clark has given much time and effort as our interim music leader because of his love for Christ and His church at Lawndale. We are blessed to have Eddie (and his family) as members of our family.

On October 10, you will meet a young man named Noah Darnell who I believe will lead us well into the next era of Lawndale’s worship and music ministry. Noah has exceptional music abilities, a family background of vocational ministry, and more importantly, a call from God to lead His people to worship Him as a family.

Noah is a young man of high character and seems to fit our ministry staff well. He has met with our staff, personnel committee, music leaders, and choir. I like that he is young; he complements the gray hair behind the pulpit. But I also like that he is able to lead ancient hymns, old hymns, and new hymns. Whether you see him as a brother, a son, or even a grandson, I believe you will love Noah and his heart for serving our great God. Take note of the schedule moving forward:

  • Oct 3 at 5pm Lawndale Family Meeting to hear from staff

  • Oct 10 at 5pm Noah Darnell leading a service of song and praise

  • Nov 1 Noah begins as Director of Music and Worship

Since Noah will be serving as a Director on staff, his hiring does not require a vote. However, as he completes requirements for ordination, the church will be asked to approve and affirm his call to Lawndale for pastoral staff. I’m beyond grateful for so many of you who pray for our staff regularly. We feel and see the results of your praying. Continue to pray for us, Noah, and our Lawndale Family!


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