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King of Kings

One thing we learned from Genesis 1-11 is that God has a heart for the nations (1:28; 6:1; 11:9). He intended them to be people groups who would know Him, enjoy Him, and glorify Him. So, why don’t the nations fulfill God’s purpose? Rebellion! Rebellion of the nations themselves (Psalm 2:1-3) but also rebellion of His people (Genesis 11:1-9; Matthew 28:18-20).

Rulers and the kings of the earth may think they are in control, but ultimately God is in control. The world may rebel against God, but one day they will regret they did not follow God. All authority belongs to the King of kings, Jesus Himself. And that’s our theme for the Easter season 2022, “King of Kings.”

Sunday Mornings at 9:45am Sunday Evenings at 5pm

(April 3 Tower of Babel – Gen 11) (Evening Worship Service)

April 10 The Triumphal Entry of the King Lord’s Supper Celebration

April 17 The Resurrection of the King No Evening Activities

April 24 The Ascension of the King Evening Worship Service

Along with our services, you may want to read these passages the week of Easter with our theme in mind:

  • April 10 The King entering Jerusalem (Lk 19:18-40); Palm Sunday

  • April 11 The King cleansing the Temple (Lk 19:41-48); Monday

  • April 12 The King foretelling His death (Lk 20:1-18); Tuesday

  • April 13 The King facing betrayal (Lk 22:1-6); Spy Wednesday

  • April 14 The King observing the Lord’s Supper (Lk 22:7-23); Maundy Thursday

  • April 15 The King offering Himself (Lk 23:26-49); Good Friday

  • April 16 The King lying in the tomb (Lk 23:50-56); Silent Saturday

  • April 17 The King appearing as He said (Lk 24:1-12); Resurrection Sunday

Jesus’ followers are called to go to the nations. As subjects of the King, our assigned job is to make disciples of all the nations. It would be treasonous or rebellious not to obey our King.

Keep the end in mind. God will gather His people “from every tribe and language and people and nation” (Rev 5:9). Obeying the King means we will be His representatives in our homes, in our neighborhoods, at our places of business, at our schools, in our city, in our nation, and in all the nations. You are obeying God by seeking to bring others into His family.

One day all will bow before the King (Phil 2:9-10); for many, it will be too late. Moreover, they will have missed the blessing and joy of serving the King during their lives on earth. For the glory of God, obey the King. For the good of others, obey the King. For your joy, obey the King...the King of Kings.


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