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Pray For Me

Pray For Me consists of a series of tools designed to help you pray for the next generation of believers. As you work through the 13-week guide, you will be immersed in using the Scriptures as a tool to pray for others.

There are 3 versions of the prayer guide - with a fourth on the way:

1. The original prayer guide (pictured below) is a tool for adults to pray for teenagers. It is even available in a large print edition.

2. The Student Edition helps teenagers pray for themselves and their friends.

3. The Children's Edition helps adults pray for younger children.

4. The Grandparent's Edition (in development) helps grandparents pray for their own grandchildren.

The pray guide works as a simple, daily tool to help you pray strategically for your own children or grandchildren - or for students/children that you care about through any life connection.

Pray For Me resources will provide the backbone of Lawndale Student Ministry's Bible studies during Fusion on Wednesday nights during spring 2019!

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