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Recommended Resources: Gospel by J.D. Greear

Earlier in April, our theme for Boot Camp 2019 was "Gospel Story." We often encourage our church's students to live the Gospel or to share the Gospel - but we wanted to slow down to make sure that they understand what the Gospel is.

A few years ago, J.D. Greear (the current president of the Southern Baptist Convention) wrote a really helpful book for explaining the Gospel clearly. It is called Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary. The original book is a great read - and there is also a complimentary student edition workbook called Gospel Revolution.

The book explains the "Gospel Prayer," which is written in the image that accompanies this post. It's a prayer that helps remind Christians to live in the Gospel consistently, no matter what feelings or circumstances they currently experience.

We hope that this Gospel prayer could be a revolutionary cornerstone for yourself, your children, and your family!

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