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Seek God's Approval

Striving for other people’s approval can be quite problematic. We can become victims of a self-induced seesaw ride of ups and downs. Our emotional stability is placed at the mercy of our up-to-the-minute approval or disapproval rating. This is not only emotionally unhealthy, it is also highly unbiblical. As believers in Jesus Christ, we already have God’s approval. The Apostle Paul states in I Thessalonians 2:4 that, “On the contrary, we speak as men approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel. We are not trying to please men but God, who tests our hearts.” When we live under the blessing of God’s approval, we are free to MINISTER to people instead of focusing on our own need for approval and affirmation. And God doesn’t submit his children to their latest popularity poll. Our test is not based on the approval of others but on our faithfulness to God and his Word. We need to be careful. We live in a world filled with conflictive views and unbiblical values. Many have bowed at the altar of worldly approval and compromised the eternal truth of God’s Word. The fact is that some people will choose not to like us simply because we submit to Jesus and his Word. But, “we speak as men approved by God.” Thankfully, our identity is found in the true and living God of the universe. Our ultimate worth is found in Him. May the evidence of his approval and grace be found in each day as, “We are not trying to please men but God, who tests our hearts.”

Blessings, Dr. Joe

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