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Just Do Something

All the time, we see students paralyzed by choices. How do they know what God wants them to do? Search their feelings? Look for a sign? Flip the Bible open to a random page? Just do whatever most people expect them to do?

Students face these choices in the big areas: Which college should I choose? What career should I pursue? Which friends should get my time? Which activities matter most?

(Here's a secret: these situations affect adults and families as much as students!)

In response to these often paralyzing scenarios, Kevin DeYoung challenges readers to Just Do Something. God's will is not mystical and difficult. God has already spoken His will to us: love Him, read and obey His Word, trust in Jesus and not self. If we are living out those aspects of God's will faithfully, could decisions really be a simple as just doing what we want to do?

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