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Unlimited Thankfulness

We celebrate a national holiday in the month of November that reminds us about the role that thankfulness plays in each of our lives. One of the most refreshing perspectives on thankfulness can be found in the writings of a man that is still highly regarded for his Bible commentary series. His name is Matthew Henry, and he lived over 300 years ago. Ironically, the thankfulness perspective that I am referring to is not found in one of his commentaries. It is found in his diary. One night, after being robbed on the street, he wrote the following words: “I am thankful that during these years I have never been robbed until now. Also, even though they took my money, they did not take my life. And although they took all I had, it was not much. Finally, I am grateful that it was I who was robbed, not I who robbed.”

As we walk and grow in the Lord, He teaches us how to find thankfulness in the midst of some of the strangest and most difficult places. Perhaps, one of the most telling signs of a mature believer is an attitude of unlimited thankfulness. May the diaries of our daily lives reveal as such for He is worthy!

Blessings, Dr. Joe

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