God's Leading for Lawndale

As I enter the 4th month of being the Senior Pastor at Lawndale, I hope you’ve already heard my heart about the direction I’m leading Lawndale toward. I’m prayerfully leading us to be a biblical and intergenerational church. I’m convinced the way we do this and the way we most effectively serve God together is by:

1) Biblical Worship

2) Intergenerational Ministry

3) Discipleship Culture

4) Family Equipping

5) Leadership Development

Pray God will bring the man of His choosing to help us in our music and worship ministry. Pray for great and sacrificial love between the older and younger generations, that the older, more mature, will gladly sacrifice for the younger, and that the younger will gladly learn from the older. May the world see what a united church looks like!

Pray also for Family Equipping. Moms and dads need God’s help, each other’s help, and the help of the church. I’m very thankful to present a Next Generations Team, led by Pastor Kevin Weisman, that will help us partner with parents in the great ministry they have been called to do: make disciples at home. (Deuteronomy 6:4-9).

  • Director of College Ministries - Luke Earwood