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Every now and then I enjoy watching an old movie. Recently, I was enjoying an old adventure film that involved a prop driven aircraft experiencing mechanical problems. The pilot was desperately trying to find a clear landing area. Of course, there was none in sight. Perhaps they could make it to a safe landing strip that is miles away, but how? The pilot commanded the crew to throw all excess weight out of the aircraft. Some of the passengers did not want to let go of their baggage. Words and fists were exchanged. Baggage is eventually tossed out of the aircraft and they land rather hard but safely on a clear landing strip. I love happy endings.

Hebrews 12:1 carries a similar motif for living a successful Christian life, "Let us throw off everything that hinders."

All of us can be stubborn when it comes to getting rid of excess baggage. Intentionally or by default, we crash and burn because we choose to hold on to the baggage "that hinders."

A transparent assessment of our lives before God can be quite revealing. Are we losing spiritual momentum? Are we holding on to stuff that is slowing us down? Are there 'little' sins in our lives that are causing us to lose altitude? Our Heavenly Father wants us to soar like eagles, run and not grow weary and walk and not be faint. Our Heavenly Father wants what is best for His children. He loves happy endings. The time is now to let go.

Blessings, Dr. Joe


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